Frank is the web developer for BiblioBuffet, and has been for more than a year. He came recommended, and I have found that he has more than lived up to that recommendation. He is personable, friendly, and extremely patient, someone who has been able to literally walk me through the learning processes that managing a website entails. His fees are upfront and reasonable. He utilizes the client's time and money carefully. Frank always explains what he is going to do and (after the job) how he has done it. Whenever I've asked for instructions they have come quickly and are clean and clear. He is trustworthy and open. I have Frank as a Super Administrator on my site, and he has never abused that trust. And if I ask for something and he needs to research it, he does it on his own time and dime until he is confident with it. He has been able to make me feel confident about my own skills, and this is due to his kind patience. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Lauren Roberts
Founder and Editor in Chief
Biblio Buffet